Can I Switch Between Entry Methods?

Yes.  You have the ability to switch between the different entry methods without losing previously entered data.  Preparers have the following data entry options available to them:

  • 1040 View — Allows the preparer to work down the 1040 form to access the entry forms.
  • Enter Myself — Use the menu driven methodology to access the entry forms.
  • Guide Me — Guides the preparer through completing the returns using Yes/No questions that give them access to the entry forms based on their answers.
  • Taxpayer Profiles — Guides the preparer through an established set of entry forms determined by the site administrator.  This feature is designed to increase return preparation efficiency.  Preparers are not limited to the entry forms in the profile.
  • Quick File — Allows the preparer to build an entry list at the return level based on the income documents presented by the taxpayer.
  • Forms Search — Enter the form number in the Forms Search box to quickly display the entry form

Reminder:  All entry methods are interchangeable.

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