Entering Split Refunds with Form 8888 – Updated 11/07/2016

Updated:  November 7, 2016 

Update #1:  Changed the screenshot to reflect the addition of the Account Type field.

Update #2: Changed the screenshot to reflect changes made to the Savings Bond Section

If your site utilizes Form 8888, select that option in Office Setup.  TaxSlayer Pro Online always displays the option for split refunds to the preparer when this option is enabled.

If the taxpayer wants his or her refund directly deposited into a bank account, use the following steps:

  • Make sure you selected Direct Deposit from the Federal Return Type drop-down list.
  • Click Taxpayer Bank Account Information.

TaxSlayer Pro Online displays the Taxpayer Bank Account Information section:


  • Select whether the account is a checking account or savings account. (not currently in screenshot)
  • Type the routing transit and bank account numbers in the appropriate boxes. (Note: The bank name is not a required field)

TIP: If you only want to deposit the refund into one account, type the RTN, Account and Deposit Amount on the first line. At this point, TaxSlayer Pro Online will not utilize Form 8888.

NOTE: State refunds will be deposited to the account listed on the first line.

  • Scroll down to enter information to purchase Savings Bonds.


  • Click Next when complete

Note: The amounts you type in the Taxpayer Bank Account Information section must match the amount of the expected refund before you can save the page.

This feature is not turned on in the Practice Lab.

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