Prepararer/User Email Addresses within a Site

We have added the email address assigned to the Preparer/User to the Preparer(s) Menu screen.  This will allow the site administrator or any user with a security template that has Add/Edit Preparers enabled to quickly search for the preparer by the email address established during setup and to quickly view the email addresses.

Q:  Why do I need to know the email address?

A:  The email address assigned to a user must be unique within the site


Q:  Why does the email address need to be unique with in the site?

A:  Software Providers are required to use multi-factor authentication the first time a Preparer/User logs in from a device.


Q:  If my Preparers/Users volunteer at multiple sites, can they use the same email address for their usernames?

A:  Yes.  Even though the usernames must be unique, the same email address can be used at multiple sites, just not within the same site.

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