Custom Credits: New Administrator Feature — Updated

Custom Credits is designed to allow the site to track up to 10 entries that allow the prepare to “free fill” the entry with a numeric value in the e-file section of the return.


Custom Credit Requirements:

  • List up to 10 Custom Credits
  • Custom Credit Description – Max Characters (45)
  • Can mark the Custom Credit “As Required”
  • Answers are “Free Fill” (Answer banks are not allowed)
  • Answers must be numeric
  • Answers must be greater than zero (if you make the entry required, the user can enter zero)
  • Answers – Max characters (9)
  • Multi-site admin can create and assign Custom Credits
  • Reports will be at the site level which will display the Custom Credit and corresponding entry per return.  The Report will export to Excel
  • Custom Credit Report:  SSN, Last Name, Credit Description, Credit Value (for up to 10 credit descriptions.

Below is a brief description of the feature:

The Site administrator can setup the Custom Credits by clicking Select on the Custom Credit line


The Site administrator will then click Add


The site Administrator can then add up to 10 Custom Credits (Max 45 characters) and has the option of making the entry required.


A Multi-site Administrator will have the ability to assign the Custom Credits to additional sites


The Preparer will have the opportunity to enter the credit amount during the e-file section of the return.  If the Custom Credit is marked “As Required” they will get an error message if an entry is not made.


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