Tax Year 2015: Medical and Dental Expenses page — Resolved

Update 11/17/2017  10:00 AM EST — Resolved

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Problem:  The Medical and Dental Expenses page is generating an error which prevents information from being entered.

Scenario 1:  Enter Medical and Dental Expenses in the Forms Search Box and select “Go to Medical and Dental Expenses”

Scenario 2:  Click Select on the Medical and Dental Expenses line on the Itemized Deductions Menu

Scenario 3:  Answering “Yes” to the “Would you like to explore possible deductions and credits related to medical expenses” in Guide Me

Scenario 4:  Using the Itemized Deductions Profile (The profile has been temporarily removed)

Solution:  We need to change the entry page being used by the 2015 application.    We will update the blog post once this change has been deployed

Note:  This does not impact the completion of the other entry sections of the Schedule A.

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