Office IP Whitelist

Purpose:  This feature allows the site administrator to add the IP address(es) used at the location to the system.  The application will then verify the IP address during user login.  If the user/preparer is logging in from an IP address not associated with the site, a login failure will occur preventing the user/preparer from logging in outside of the site.

Steps to Whitelist the site’s IP Address:

  •  Click Select on Office IP Whitelist from the Configuration menu


  •  Enter the all of the IP addresses for your site and click Back.  Note:  You can make changes to the list as necessary.



  •  Navigate to Office Setup from the Configuration Menu.  Note:  Even if you know you are going to use this feature, it is recommended that you add the IP additions before turning this setting on.
  • Select Verification of IP Address and click Continue


  • If a user tries to login from an IP address that is not on the IP Whitelist, they will get the following login error


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