Resident State Return (Change in when it loads) — LIVE

Update November 17:

This feature is now live in Practice Lab 2015.  You will also see it in Practice Lab 2016 as we start turning states.

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Purpose:  Load and calculate the basic state resident return as the federal return is being input.  The preparer will see the federal and the state return refund/balance due change as they are preparing the return.

  • Select the appropriate Resident State when entering the address on the Personal Information page.  In the example below, I selected Georgia as the resident state even though the taxpayer’s mailing address is in Alabama.  (Note:  The field defaults to the state of the taxpayer’s mailing address, but it can be changed)


  • Complete the rest of the Personal Information and click Continue
  • The next page to display will be state specific information that is not captured during federal return creation.  The example below is Georgia


  • Complete this section for the state and click Continue
  • Once you finish the Basic Info section the program automatically starts showing both the Federal and applicable State Refund/balance due as you begin entering Income to the return.  Prior to this change, the resident state return was not being calculated until you added the state from the left navigation bar.


  • Continue through the federal return and health care section  When you move to the state section,  the preparer will see the following:


  • If the preparer has any additions or adjustments to the state, they will click Edit and the program will display the State menu
  • If the preparer is through with the resident state and need to add an additional state, they will do that from this screen.
  • Clicking Continue from the State Return screen will take the preparer to Summary/Print
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