Activating your Pro Online Site — Updated 11/29 12:47 PM

We have started sending out Site Activation links based on the orders we have received.  The emails will go to the email address entered for the site during the ordering process.

Each Pro Online site will be sent (2) Emails

01/13/2017 Update:  Once you have activated your site, you can easily access it from the VITA/TCE Springboard by selecting Pro Online.  This will prompt you to enter a Username, Password and Security Code.

We recommend that you create a favorite or bookmark for easy access to the Springboard

Click here to access the Springboard URL

11/29/ Update:

The following Default Security Templates were assigned to all sites this morning:


These, along with any you  have created at your site will be available to assign to the users/preparers that you are creating.  If you created preparers before the default templates were assigned to your site and you did not assign a security template, you need to edit the preparer and assign a template (DO NOT assign a template to the administrator login you created during site activation)

Question:  How do I know what features are enabled in the Security Templates

Answer:  Click the Show Definitions link next to the Security Template drop down list when assigning a Security Template to a user.  Select the appropriate template from the drop down list and the application will indicate which options are enabled for that template.

11/28/ Update:

Question:  Can I change the username that I created during site activation?

Answer:  No, once a username is created, it cannot be changed.  You can create a different username, but it must have a unique email address within the site.

11/23 Update:  Attention:  The Default Security Templates will not be assigned as we are getting the sites setup and sending out the activation emails.  Once you create your Pro Online Administrator Username, please hold off on setting up preparers until we can assign the default templates to your sites.

If you have already setup your Pro Online Administrator Username (prior to 11/23 5 PM EST) and can no longer see the configuration option on your welcome screen, please email us and put CONFIGURATION in the title so we can get you fixed up.  Email address: [email protected]

Question:  Once I setup my Pro Online Administrator Username and/or My Account username, how do I access them again?

Answer:   Click Here to access the VITA/TCE Springboard which gives you access to the Practice Lab, Pro Online, VITA/TCE Blog, The knowledge Base and My Account.  DO NOT use the links in the email to try and access the site.  The links are a “one time use only” link to activate the sites.


Question:  Which activation link should I use first?

Answer:  We recommend that you setup your Pro Online Administrator username first to ensure it is available.  You can then  use the same username when setting up your My Account page.  Note:  My account currently does not allow for special characters in the username.

Question:  My email address is used for more than one site.  How many emails will I receive?

Answer:  You will receive two (2) emails per each site

Question:  How do I know which site the activation email is for?

Answer:  Each email will reference the site name submitted with the orders.

Question:  I have multiple sites, can I use the same email address for my administrator credentials?

Answer:  Yes, because the email address is unique within the site.  These are unique sites so you can use the same email address, but will need to have a unique username.

Question:  What should I enter as the default PIN when I am setting up my administrator login for TaxSlayer Online?

Answer:  98765    This will be the only time you need to enter the default PIN.  Each time you add a new preparer, the application will default the PIN to 98765

Question:   When I login to my site, I do not have the ability to start new returns, is this correct?

Answer:  Yes, we will be activating Start New Return in January a few days prior to e-file starting.  You should continue to use the practice lab to complete practice returns.  This will prevent reduce the number of practice returns you mixed in with your production returns.

updated 11/22: Question:  If I edit my administrator preparer/user should I add a security template?

updated 11/22: Answer:  No, the administrator login credentials that you create should not be assigned a security template unless you want to restrict the user rights.

Email 1:  Site Activation Link which will allow you to create your administrator login credentials.  The credentials give you access to all areas of the application, including Start New Return (when available).  This allows the site administrator to only need one login at the site level.   The email will come from a email address:


(See sample email)


If your email address is used for multiple locations, you will need to note which site you are creating the administrator login credentials for by the Site Name and Address in the email.  The Default Security Code will also be listed.

Once you click the link, you will see the following page that will allow you to setup your administrator login credentials.


DO NOT enter the SSN

There is a required element on this page that will be validated for security purposes to ensure that the site is being setup by the appropriate person.

You will also see the following fields prior to creating a username


The only field you need to complete is if you, the site administrator will be preparing returns in NY.  Otherwise, do not check these boxes.

Once you complete this process,  you will be able to login with  your administrator login, password and default security code to start preparing  your site for tax season.

Note:  Once you have used the link to setup your administrator username, the link expires.


Email 2:  My Account Activation Link (This is where the site administrator will have access to download the contingency software).  The email will come from a email address


(See sample email)


Once you click the link, you will see the following page that will allow you to setup My Account Credentials


Note:  Once you have used the link to setup your My Account username, the link expires.

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