Pro Online: Office Identifier

Purpose:  The Office Identifier is a number generated by TaxSlayer and imported into a field in ERO Setup.  This is a Vendor Control Number required for electronic filing.  The field must be present in the-e-file for acceptance.  The goal is for the IRS to validate the number in the e-file with the number uploaded by the software vendor.

Question:  Where is this located?

Answer:  On the ERO screen in Configuration


Question:  I deleted it or it was not present when I edited ERO Setup.  How do I find out what the control number is?

Answer:  Login to My Account from the VITA/TCE Springboard with the username and password you established via the User Information email link.  Once you are logged in, select Account History on the left navigation bar.


Question:  Is this  number unique to my site?

Answer:  Yes, it is unique to the EFIN.

Question:  Will this number ever change?

Answer: The number will change if the EFIN associated with your site changes

Question:  Do I need to add an additional ERO to my site?

Answer:  No, you can modify the information imported if you need to change the site name and/or address associated with the imported ERO setup.

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