TaxSlayer Pro Online: How to assign a Default Security Template

You may be wondering how to assign a default security template to a user at your site. If you have reviewed the TaxSlayer Pro Online User Guide, page 20, you may know the default security templates are only assignable when adding a user/preparer at your site. The TaxSlayer Pro Online User Guide can be accessed by clicking here and selecting “Download the Pro Online User Guide” option in the middle of the page.

Only when adding or editing a user within the Preparer Setup menu can you assign one of the default security templates. Remember you must be a site administrator or have a security template assigned to you that allows access to the configuration menu to accomplish this.

Select Configuration>>Preparer Setup. Scroll to the bottom of the Preparer Setup menu to assign a default Security Template as shown below.


For additional assistance, please refer to this helpful Knowledgebase article.

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