Pro Online: Office Setup Definitions


  • Print Preparer Signture on 1040 — Not applicable
  • Print Firm Information on Cover Page — Not applicable
  • Disable Third Party Designee Prefill — Applicable: Needs to be selected to prevent the preparer information from filling in as the third party designee
  • Require taxpayer signatures prior to efile — Not applicable, forces preparers to have the taxpayer/spouse use the built-in electronic signature
  • Offer 8888 — Applicable for sites offering Split Refunds.  This will present the 8888 when a direct deposit is selected for the return type in the e-file section
  • Display Summary using 1040 view — Applicable to force the application to open to the 1040 view when existing returns are opened.
  • Hide Preparer Name on 1040 Print — Applicable to prevent the volunteer name in Preparer Setup from printing on the 1040 series
  • Always Print Schedule A — Applicable if you want to see the Schedule A data during Preview Return even when the standard deduction is being used.
  • Use Topaz Signature Pad — Not Applicable
  • Force Verification of IP Address — Applicable if  you are using the IP Whitelist feature.  Note that this feature should be turned on AFTER you have entered the IP addresses in the IP Whitelist feature.

Blog Posted 12/14/2016  10:37 AM

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