Save the Date: Volunteer Driven Stress Test

What?  We want to invite you to participate in a  two phased volunteer driven stress test on the TaxSlayer Online Software. The goal of the stress test will be to stretch the boundaries of the software system.  This will give us the opportunity to make any necessary optimizations prior to the peak of the filing season.


  • Initial Testing Window:  January 3, 2017;  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern
  • Follow up Testing Window:  January 9, 2017;  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern

Action Required:  In order for this testing to be successful, we need an overwhelming number of participants to prepare returns using the Practice Lab 2016 software.  We are looking at a participation goal of 35,000 simultaneous connections (volunteers) to access the software via their Practice Lab login.  We ask that volunteers take the following actions during the testing window.

(1)    Start 3 new returns, complete the basic info and add a W-2

(2)    Open each of the three existing returns, add an additional income item

(3)    Open each of the three existing returns and Print the return

(4)    Open each of the three existing returns and Complete the Healthcare section

(5)    Open each of the three existing returns and navigate to the e-file section to review warnings, etc. and exit the return through the e-file section

For the follow up testing on January 9, participants should follow the same testing scenarios as they did in the initial testing window, however using three new returns.

Communications:  We will be communicating to testers through the VITA/TCE Blog.  We will also be utilizing a survey to capture feedback about the user experience during the testing window.

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