Pro Online: Ad Hoc Sites

Ad Hoc Site Scenario:

Site has a “main” site and also has one or more “ad hoc” site .

  • The main site has an EFIN and SIDN (Snnnnnnn01)
  • Ad Hoc site #1 has its own SIDN (Snnnnnnn02) because the IRS wants the returns prepared at the ad hoc site to report under the correct SIDN.
  • Ad Hoc Site #2 has its own SIDN (Snnnnnn03)

Instructions for Setting up in TaxSlayer Pro Online:

  • Create separate Preparers for the volunteers who work at the ad hoc site.
  • Enter the SIDN of the Ad hoc site in the Preparer Setup. (The SIDN on the Preparer record is the one that carries to the PTIN field on Form 1040 and is captured in the e-file for reporting purposes)
  • Best Practice: Use something in the user name to indicate the site where they will be preparing returns.  For example:  KrisMain for preparing returns at the main site and then KrisAdhoc1 for preparing returns at the ad hoc site.

Note:  If a volunteer prepares returns at the main site and each ad hoc site, they will need a username for each to ensure the correct SIDN is in the e-file.  The preparer can use the same email address in this circumstance.

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