Stress Test Phase 1: Start time 1:00 PM EST — End Time 2:00 PM EST

Update 2:00 PM EST:  This concludes phase I of the stress test.  Thank you all so much for your participation.  Please take a few moments to complete our stress test survey.  We will be closing the survey at 5:00 PM EST.  You all created 6,370 returns in the span of an hour, Congratulations!!

Stress Test Survey (closed)

Update 1:55 PM EST:  The testing window will be over at 2:00 PM EST.  This will allow our sites who are conducting training today to continue with their training schedule.

Update 1:47 PM EST:  Real time calculations are rendering the federal/refund balance due.  Please continue to either open returns or create new returns and enter some type of income to the return or an adjustment or credit to the return.  This will kick off calculations.

Update 1:43 PM EST:  You can still complete the Health Insurance Questionnaire even if your real time calculations to not display across the top on the Blue Bar.  Navigate to Health Insurance and navigate through by answering the questions.  We are still consistently having close to 90 new returns created per minute.

Update 1:36 PM EST:  You can print the return from outside of the return.  To do this, click on Client Search and click the arrow next to the printer icon on the taxpayer line and select either MASTER PRINT or MASTER PRINT (2 8879) to render the PDF.  

Update 1:33 PM EST:  If you are stuck in a calculation circle, click on the Basic Income link in the left navigation bar.  This will allow you to exit the return.  We have had 4,487 returns started successfully within the first 25 minutes of the testing window.


Update 1:30 PM EST:  Real time calculations began slowing down at approximately 1:25 PM, which will result in a time out message


Update 1:20 PM EST:  4,233 returns have been created within the first 20 minutes of the test window with a consistent 6,800 users accessing the system simultaneously


Update 1:10 PM EST:  2,664 returns have been created within the first 10 minutes of the test window

Update 1:00 PM EST:  The Testing Window is now open

Our volunteer driven stress test will begin at 1:00 PM EST.  We would like for all participants to take the following actions during the testing window:

The stress test will be conducted in Practice Lab 2016 using your Practice Lab Login Credentials.  

(1)    Create 3 new returns with just the basic info and a W-2.  Save and close each return after this information is added.

(2)    Open each of the three existing returns, add an additional income item such as a 1099-R or Interest income, save and close each return.

(3)    Open each of the three existing returns and Print (create the PDF) each return, close each return.

(4)    Open each of the three existing returns and Complete the Healthcare section, close each return.

(5)    Open each of the three existing returns and navigate to the e-file section to review warnings, etc. and exit the return through the e-file section.

We will be updating the blog as our communication tool throughout the testing window.

We recognize that many of you have training scheduled today.  The results of the stress test may result in an interruption of service.  Our engineering team will be monitoring performance and available to resolve any interruptions that may occur during this window.

The following survey is available to be completed at the conclusion of the testing window so we can understand any changes to your user experience.

Stress Test Survey (closed)

Blog Posted 1/3/2017  12:00 PM EST

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