Practice Lab: Frequently Asked Questions

The following blog links have detailed information about the top questions we are receiving in support.

Where to I enter Tax-Exempt Interest?

Entering Tax-Exempt Interest

Where do I enter Direct Deposit Information?

Entering Direct Deposit Information

The 8888 is not available in the Practice Lab, how will I complete it?

Entering Split Refunds with Form 8888 – Updated 11/07/2016

Where do I enter Taxable Scholarship Income?

Pro Online: Taxable Scholarships

Where do I enter IRS Issued Identity PINs?

Pro Online: IRS IP PIN

How do I enter multiple 1099-MISC document to a Schedule C?

Pro Online: Adding 1099-MISC Income to an existing Schedule C

How do I report the Public Safety Officer (PSO) exclusion?

How to Report the PSO exclusion in TaxSlayer Pro Online

Blog Posted 01/12/2017  9:12 AM EST

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