Pro Online 2016: Start New Return Activation Date

We will be activating Start New Return on Wednesday, January 18th.  We (the IRS and TaxSlayer) want to ensure that all volunteers participating in Tuesday’s stress test are preparing all practice returns in Practice Lab 2016.

Note:  All returns created at the site level will be considered live returns.

Question:  Can the front line TaxSlayer Support Squad view the return created at my site?

Answer:  No, they do not have access to live return data

Question:  If I have an issue with a live returns that requires Tier II assistance, how should I proceed?

Answer:  We will publish detailed procedures to best handle these types of situations.  They will be handled via email and escalated to the appropriately credentialed group of Tier II team members.

Blog Posted 01/12/2017  5:26 PM EST

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