Group Login: Assigning Security Templates

(1) Login with your Group Login

(2) Click Select on Group Configuration

(3) Click Select on Security Templates

You will see the security templates setup at the site level for the sites in your group.  It is important to note that you cannot assign these to other locations.

(4) Click Add and create Security Templates under your Group Login

The example below illustrates my SAMPLE GROUP and how it looks when I select security templates.  I have groups that I have created and see two security templates created at site assigned to me.


(5) Click the Assign button for the security Template(s) you have created with your group login.

(6) Select the appropriate sites from the list (I assigned to my instructor site)

0116 SITE to assign to

(7) Click Continue to see the confirmation page

(8) Click Back

Now I am going to login to my instructor site.

Note:  I will not see the assigned template in my list of Security templates under Configuration>>Security Templates.

(1) Login as the “assigned to” site

(2) Select Configuration

(3) Select Preparer Menu

(4) Add or Edit a Preparer

(5) Select the assigned security template from the template list


(6) Select Continue to assign

Note:  The site will be able to see what is enabled via Show Definitions


Blog Posted 01/16/2017  1:59 PM EST

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