Final Stress Test Reminder: January 17, 2017 1:00 PM EST (Closed)

2:00 PM EST – The testing window is now closed.  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to participate in our stress test.  Your participation over the past three weeks has given us an opportunity to optimize various areas.  We will leave the Stress Test Survey open for the next 24 hours.

Feedback Survey:  Click here to provide Stress Test Feedback

1;50 PM EST –– The testing window will close in 10 minutes


1:35 PM EST —  Once you have completed steps 1 – 5, we encourage you to continue creating new returns in the manner and complexity that you would prepare at your site.  This would include utilizing Preview Return located on the top blue navigation bar.  For example ,add several Interest and/or Dividend entries and preview the return to see what it looks like on the Schedule B.

1:20 PM EST — Tip:  When you are printing returns, remember you can generate the PDF from Review Return from inside the Federal Section, the blue Preview Return button from the Summary/Print page, and from the submission page in the E-file section.

1:00 PM EST— The stress Test Window is now open

What?  We want to invite you to participate in a follow up stress test on the TaxSlayer Online Software. The goal of the stress test will be to stretch the boundaries of the software system and give us an opportunity to test the changes we implemented based on the results from Phase I and Phase II.  The changes we made after Phase I performed well during Phase II.  Phase II gave us great information and we have made additional changes based on the results.


  • Follow up Testing Window:  January 17, 2017;  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern

Feedback Survey:  Click here to provide Stress Test Feedback

Action Required:  In order for this testing to be successful, we need an overwhelming number of participants to prepare returns using the Practice Lab 2016 software.  We want to thank the 14,200 volunteers that participated in the Phase II stress test.  We want to invite you back and to also invite all others that were not able to participate on the 3rd or 9th to participate on the 17th.   We ask that volunteers take the following actions during the testing window.

(1)    Create 3 new returns with just the basic info and a W-2.  Save and close each return after this information is added.

(2)    Open each of the three existing returns, add an additional income item such as a 1099-R or Interest income, save and close each return.

(3)    Open each of the three existing returns and Print (create the PDF) each return, close each return.

(4)    Open each of the three existing returns and Complete the Healthcare section, close each return.

(5)    Open each of the three existing returns and navigate to the e-file section to review warnings, etc. and exit the return through the e-file section.

For the follow up testing on January 9, participants should follow the same testing scenarios as they did in the initial testing window, however using three new returns.

Communications:  We will be communicating to testers through the VITA/TCE Blog.  We will also be utilizing a survey to capture feedback about the user experience during the testing window.

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