Pro Online/Practice Lab Update Alert: January 18, 2017 — Complete

Update 7:10 AM — You may experience a brief disruption of service over the next 15 minutes as we deploy an efile update in preparation for electronic filing

Items that were updated:

  • Local sales tax percentage for Sales Tax Worksheet is now rendering in the calc. Previously only the state sales tax percentage was rendering in the calc.
  • Schedule A: Medical and Dental Expense entries using Supporting Statements now carries to the Schedule A and 1040.
  • F3903 Moving Expenses was calculating at 24 cents p/mile. Corrected to reflect 19 cents p/mile
  • F8962 being included in the PDF when not applicable to the return. Now resolved.
  • 1040 View Alignment Issues now resolved when using Chrome/Internet Explorer
    • Line 74 still mis-aligned

Update 5:35 AM – Complete

Update included changes to:

  • Medical and Dental Expenses – Schedule A
  • Moving Expenses
  • Sales Tax
  • Taxes Paid
  • 1040 View Alignment

Please check back for more detailed information

We will be deploying a series of updates beginning at 5:00 AM EST.   We will be putting the site and returns in maintenance mode.  This process will take approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

Note:  Returns are in maintenance mode when you try to open them and get a login page.  This allows the returns to be in maintenance but you can access office administration type roles.

Blog Posted 1/17/2017  6:26 PM EST

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