Pro Online: Marking a return Complete

Marking a return Complete on the Submission page in the E-file section changes the return status to Complete and the return will be displayed in the transmission screen.

0122 Mark return complete

0122 complete status

Question:  Once I have marked a return complete can I remove the check mark?

Answer:  No, once a return is marked complete, you cannot remove the check mark.

0122 return complete Yes

Question:  If I make a change to a return that was marked Complete prior to submitting the return, does the software include the change in the e-file?

Answer:  Yes

Question:  My return was marked complete in error, how can I ensure it does not show up to transmit?

Answer:  If you have a security template that enables the ability to mark a return for review, the preparer can mark the return Ready for Review on the Submission page in e-file.  This will change the status to Review Pending and the return will not be available in Transmission.

0122 mark ready for review


0122 review pending

Once the return is ready to submit, a preparer with the ability to Review Returns and Mark Review Decision can mark the return approved.  The status will change back to Complete and it will be available for transmission

0122 mark approved

0122 complete status

Blog Posted 01/22/2017  9:24 AM EST

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