Pro Online: W2 Display issue with ITIN returns — Resolved

Updated 1/25 — The print display has been resolved.  The ITIN SSN now prints on the W2

Updated 01/24 — The ITIN SSN now stays in the return when you edit it.   The Print Display on the printed W-2 is still an issue.

Scenario:  Prepare a return with an ITIN for the taxpayer and/or spouse.  Enter the SSN that appears on the W-2 and click Continue.

0122 ITIN W2

Problem:  When I edit the W-2 the ITIN SSN is blank and I have to rekey it

Solution:  We will resolve this in an update to allow the ITIN SSN to stay on the entry form.

Note:  The ITIN SSN will be inserted into the e-file appropriately it is on the entry form when you click Continue

Print Display:  The printed copy of the W-2 shows the ITIN entered in basic info rather than the ITIN SSN entered on the W-2.  This is a display issue and does not impact the filing of the return.

Blog Posted 01/27/2017  10:28 AM EST

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