E-file: Federal and State

Reminder:  If you have added a state and selected for the state to be electronically filed in the state section of the e-file page, it will automatically be sent with the Federal e-file.

Question:  What happens to the state when it gets to the processing Center

Answer:  The state e-file is held at the Processing Center until the IRS Return is accepted.

Question:  What happens if my Federal Return is rejected?

Answer:  The state return is discarded and a new state e-file is submitted when you correct and resend the Federal return (unless you have removed the state or changed it to paper)

Question:  Can I send the state e-file without sending the Federal

Answer:  Yes, you can do this by selecting the Send State Only option on the e-file page

0123 send state only

Blog Posted 01/23/2017  2:04 PM ESt

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