Pro Online: My return is rejected: Now what?

(1) Select Rejected from the filter by Status list

0123 Filter on Rejected

(2) Select Client Status from the Tools drop down list

0123 client status from tools

(3) The client Status Screen will describe the reject, including the value that is rejected


0123 rejected information

(4) Click the Enter Return button at the top of the screen.  This will open to the Summary/Print page which will allow you to navigate to the entry form to make corrections.

0123 Enter Return from Client status

(5) Complete the changes and navigate to the e-file section of the return.  Select Ready for Retransmit.  This selection changes the status from Complete to Complete(Flagged for Retransmit)

0123 Mark ready to restransmit

(6) At this point you have two options for transmitting the rejected return

  • If the person making the correction has the ability to Send to the IRS, they can click Save and Transmit which will send the return
  • You can also send the return with the next transmission.

(7) You will have to Add the corrected, rejected returns by selecting the Add Returns button

0123 add returns

(8) Sort by Status and select the returns with the Complete (Flagged for Retransmit) Status

Blog Posted 01/23/2017  1:14 PM EST

0123 flagged for retransmit

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