Pro Online: Office Setup Recommendations

Question:  How should I have my Office Settings so the preparer does not print on the 8879 or on 1040 page 2?

Answer:  Select ERO Name Only from the Signature on Form 8879 drop down box and select Hide preparer Name on 1040 Print

0123 ERO Information

Question:  What does marking Disable Third Party Designee Prefill do?

Answer:  It prevents the preparer information from populating the third party designee information in the e-file section.  The section will remain available in the event a third party other than a volunteer preparer needs to be designated.

Question:  If I select Hide Preparer Name on 1040 print will it also hide the preparer name on the state return?

Answer;  Currently no, but we are working on a solution that will incorporate the use of this option at the state level.  When this feature is completed and in production the state name will not be printed on the state return if this is selected.

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