Pro Online Reports: IRS Acknowledgements and Old IRS Acknowledgements

The following reports are now available

  • IRS Acknowledgements
  • Old IRS Acknowledgement

Click Select on IRS Acknowledgements to display the current acknowledgements that you have NOT previously viewed. Below is an example IRS Acknowledgement.  You can print the report via PDF or HTML or you can export the report to a CSV or Excel file.

0124 IRS Ack

Below is an example of how detailed reject information displays on the IRS Ack or Old IRS Ack report.  This is the same information located for the return on their Client Status Page.

0124 irs ack with reject

Once you have viewed the report or have NO current acknowledgements, you will see the following when you select IRS Acknowledgements:

0124 IRS acks no acks

Using Old IRS Acknowledgement Reports:  All viewed acknowledgements are automatically displayed in Old IRS Acknowledgements if you need to view them at a later time.

Select your date range to narrow down the list and Click Continue

0124 old irs acks

You will see a list of all the IRS acks within the date range.  You can search by SSN or name to more easily find the acknowledgement.  You also have the option print via PDF or HTML and export to a CSV or Excel file.

0124 old irs acks search by ssn

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