Reject Code: IND-046 Form 8862 Must be Present in the Return

Why am I getting this reject?

The IRS has on file that the taxpayer had their EIC disallowed in the previous year.

0125 REJECT 8862

What do I need to do?

Add and Complete Form 8862 to the return prior to submitting it again.

(1) Open the return

(2) Select the menu icon and enter 8862 in the Forms Search Box

(3) Select Go to Form 8862 Now

(4) Select Begin on Information to Claim EIC after Disallowance

0125 EIC form

(5) Select the check box that EIC was disallowed in a previous year or if they received a reject 600 last year.  You are going to have to rely on the taxpayer for this answer.  They probably are not going to know if their return was rejected last year, so you may want to ask them probing questions like:  Did it take you longer than normal to get our refund last year?  Was your refund lower than you expected it to be?

0125 check 8862 box

(6) Checking the box will automatically load and complete Form 8862, click Continue until you return to the Credits Menu.  At this point you can select e-File from the left navigation menu and go through the e-file process.

Note:  We recommend that you mark the return ‘Ready to Retransmit’ on the Submission page unless you are going to select Save and Transmit Return from the e-file Submission page.

Blog Posted 01/25/2017  7:51 AM EST



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