Imperfect Return Indicator — What is it?

If your federal return is rejected for a SSN/Name Control business rule, you will see the Imperfect Return option appear under the Federal Return type on your e-file page.

0127 Imperfect Return

We give the preparer the choice of working with the taxpayer to make this correction or allowing the IRS to make the the correction.  If selected, an “Exception” status indicates to the IRS that the return was previously rejected for the business rule.  The IRS will continue to process the return and a notice will be sent to the taxpayer advising them of any change made as a result of the Imperfect Return indicator.  This prompts the IRS system to match the information from previously accepted returns.  The returns with the Imperfect Return indicator are typically processed in 4-6 weeks after acceptance.

Disadvantages of Using the Imperfect Indicator;  The IRS matches the information on the back end the site is unaware of the match changes to make corrections on the return.  This will result in the same data being carried forward next year and the return being rejected for the same business rule.


Blog Posted 01/27/2017  7:50 AM EST

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