Pro Online/Practice Lab: Product Update Alert

Complete to include:

  • Return Locking (will write a detailed blog post)
  • Tax Year 2014 (Printing is not rendering a PDF)
  • Tax Year 2013 (Printing is not rendering a PDF)
  • Extended the number of returns in client list to 999 before switching Search methodologies to accommodate sites that have already exceeded 499 returns.
  • Return Questions Report now reflects last 4 digits of SSN
  • The 8867 no longer prints if the Form is set to 0 in the print set (does not print with the three assigned print sets)
  • Deactivate Return message that it cannot be retrieved has been removed
  • Marketing Report now reflects taxpayers full name
  • Form 982 now reflects 10a and 10b appropriate.


We will be putting the returns in maintenance mode on Jan 31 at 5:00 AM for an update that will take approximately 30 minutes.  We will put the site in Maintenance mode at 6:00 AM for approximately 15 minutes for an application update.

Blog Posted 01/30/2017   9:27 AM EST

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