Pro Online/Practice Lab — Status Update from Wednesday

Update:  As of 3:17  We turned on the calculations, printing and e-file.  We are continuing to monitor the system.  If we detect the system is slowing, we will turn off the calculations, printing, and e-file in an effort to allow you to continue entering return information.

Future Reference:

In the future, if tax calculations are turned off, you will see an informational screen with instructions. For existing returns, you will need to use the left navigation bar to enter information in the following sections:  Basic Information, Federal Section, Health Insurance, and State Section.

For creating New Returns: Sites can create new returns and work through Basic Information, Federal Section, Health Insurance and State Section.

Updated 1:16 PM EST.  All services related to creating, printing and e-filing are return are available for use.

The display on the blue bar is not displaying refund/balance figures but has a message across it stating: “The Refund Estimator is currently unavailable.  You can still view your refund or amount due amounts(s) by selecting Summary from the navigation bar.  This DOES NOT impact return preparation.

If you entered data in the returns while the calculations were turned off, you can open the returns and the data will calculate.

Updated 11:11 AM EST.  Calculations still rending slower than expected.  They are displaying the 1040 view page.  We are looking at the speed of rendering now. 

We experienced some returns opening slow for about five minutes.

When this happens, click on Basic Information to continue entering Data.

Blog Posted 02/01/2017  11:08 AM EST

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