MD — Validation Error for Address (New Information)

Update 2/2/2017  12:09 PM:  The update to allow the MD returns to be electronically filed was pushed to production late Wednesday night.

You currently have to edit the MD return and re-enter the address.  We will be changing this so the return will pull the address entered in Basic Information if the taxpayer has a MD address to prevent you from having to key it again.

Additional Information:

The return can be completed and Quality Reviewed.  The MD return will not go into the e-file until we publish the solution that prevents the validation error from appearing.  You can utilize return tags to notate which returns are waiting on the published solution

Update 02/02/2017  10:25 AM EST  — The fix for this is currently being tested

We are currently rendering an erroneous validation error due to street address.  We are working to remove the validation error.

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