Print Preview Yielding Oops Message (ALERT 12:51pm 2/7/17) – RESOLVED

1:22pm EDT: Generating PDF’s from Summary/Print and Client Search are currently rendering. We will continue to monitor the situation and update accordingly.

1:13pm EDT: We do not have additional information at this time. The only issue is still related to generating PDF’s. We will update as soon as we anticipate an ETA for resolution.

12:55pm EDT: It appears that only generating a PDF is affected. You are still able to prepare Federal and state returns as well as create e-files and submit returns. We understand this is affecting Quality Review and providing the Taxpayer with a copy of the return.

12:51pm EDT: We are receiving reports of generating PDF’s from Summary/Print and client list are yielding an “Oops Message”. We are currently looking into this and will update as more information is available.

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