New York Driver’s License or State ID Requirement for E-file (RESOLVED)

Update 2/9/17 – 7:53am: The issue with the NY Driver’s License of State ID validation when selecting “None Available” has been resolved. When selecting None Available you are now able to continue to the submission page without the validation requiring an Issue Date and Expiration Date.

Posted 2/8/17 – We are currently receiving reports of not being able to create a NY e-file when “None Available” is selected as the State ID option. When selecting “None Available” and continuing to the Submission Page, you receive a validation to include the Issue Date and Expiration Date. We have escalated this issue through the appropriate channels and will update this post as more information is available.

Recommendation: For NY returns where the taxpayer or spouse does not have a Drivers License or State ID, choose State Return type as “Paper Return” and add a return tag at your site with description “NY ID Validation”. Once this issue has been resolved, you can filter your Client Search menu using this return tag to locate the affected NY returns for submission.

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