IRS Reject F1040A-056-02/F1040-065-03: What happened to my State e-file

Scenario:  There was no filing requirement for the federal return that had $0 AGI and $0 Refund/Balance due so the IRS rejected the return:

At least one of the following must have a nonzero value: Form 1040A, Line 15 ‘TotalIncomeAmt’ or Line 21 ‘AdjustedGrossIncomeAmt’ or Line 28 ‘TaxAmt’ or Line 30 ‘TotalTaxBeforeCrAndOthTaxesAmt’ or Line 36 ‘TotalCreditsAmt’ or Line 39 ‘TotalTaxAmt’ or Line 46 ‘TotalPaymentsAmt’

At least one of the following must have a nonzero value on Form 1040: Line 22 ‘TotalIncomeAmt’ or Line 37 ‘AdjustedGrossIncomeAmt’ or Line 44 ‘TaxAmt’ or Line 55 ‘TotalCreditsAmt’ or Line 63 ‘TotalTaxAmt’ or Line 74 ‘TotalPaymentsAmt’

Was my state return sent to the State?  No

How do I file my State?

(1) Select Send State Only

(2) Change the Federal Return Type to:  Mail Payment

(3) Close the warning dialog that the federal return will not be sent

(4) Complete the rest of the E-file and submission page as normal.

(5) In this scenario where the federal return was rejected, you will need to select the Add Returns Button and add the return to your transmission list.  (An Alternative is to select Save and Transmit to the IRS from inside the return)

Blog Posted 02/10/2017    7:58 AM EST

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