State Rejects for Missing PDF when filing more than 1 state

Scenario:  My return had 2 or more states on it.  One or more of the states got rejected for missing state PDF

The PDF File XXXXXXXXXNCOtherStateCredit.pdf can not be found in the submission.

Solution:  We have corrected the issue and you can now resend the rejected states.

(1) Open the Return

(2) Select the E-file Section

(3) Click through the pages (they have already been completed the first time a transmission was attempted).

(4) Select to Send the State Only

0125 mark to send state only

(5) Click OK on the warning box that the federal return will not be filed

0125 warning that the federal will not be sent

(6)  Change the accepted State return type to Paper (so it will not transmit again)

(6) When you get to the Submission page select Save and Transmit Return to the IRS.  You have to use this method because the federal return has already been accepted.

0124 save and transmit

You will then get a confirmation page that the return was transmitted. click Main Menu to return to the Welcome Page

0124 save and transmit confirmation

Blog Posted 02/13/2017   7:18 PM EST

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