Practice Lab/Pro Online: Update on Monday morning — Late notification (update)

We are currently pushing an update to the system that will include the following changes to:

  • Changes to the 20% HSA exemption calculation (Item deferred until Tuesday AM Push)
  • Changes to make the maintenance page for returns more intuitive when an update is being pushed (Item deferred until Tuesday AM Push)
  • Georgia
    • Corrected validation error with retirement exclusion worksheet
    • Correction to low income credit if taxpayer is an inmate
  • Indiana
    • Correction for IN Reject 023
    • Changes to Property Tax Deduction input
  • Kansas
    • Correction to validation error when more than one qualification for the K-40H
    • Ability to add non-dependents to KS Homestead claim
  • Massachusetts
    • Added the ability to change address on Circuit Breaker
  • Maryland
    • Changed MD Pension exclusion to allow for both TS and SP
  • North Dakota
    • Updated School Districts
  • Nebraska
    • Correction for NE Reject for Use Tax
  • New Hampshire
    • Added Form DP-59-A (extension)
  • Oregon
    • Correction for missing information on Oregon X
    • Added Non-Resident political credit
  • Rhode Island
    • Correction to validation error when workers comp is entered on RI-1040H
  • Tennessee
    • Additional changes to over 65 exemption
  • Wisconsin
    • Added Form 804(Claim of refund)
    • Correction to validation error when living in a nursing home is set to no
  • Arizona
    • Correction to form 352 not being included in the PDF
  • California
    • Correction to the standard deduction  on  CA 540 NR
    • Correction to Medical Deduction for itemized deductions
    • Generate printed version of Schedule CA if alimony paid is also present to show recipient information
    • Correction to allowing personal exemptions when one or both are being claimed by another person
  • Connecticut
    • Changes to CT 1040 line 6

Changes were also made to the following states;

  • CT, IA, LA, MN, NJ, NM, OH



Sorry for the late notification, forgetfulness set in on February 19th!!!

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