Deactivating Returns: When Can I?

Deactivate return must be enable in the the Security Template assigned to the user.  By default the blank template assigned to the user that activated the site and the ADMINISTRATOR template have this enabled.

The only time a return can be deactivated is when it is in the status of “in progress” or “review failed”

Where is deactivate return located?  If the return is eligible to be deactivated and the user has the appropriate security template, Deactivate is in the “Tools” drop down menu on Client Search for each return.

How do I get a return in the status of Complete to Review Failed?  You can mark the return “Ready for Review” and the Fail the approval.

Can I delete a Rejected return?  No.  Once a return has been transmitted, it cannot be deactivated.  We recommend that you use the Return Tag feature to notate the final outcome of the return.  We are adding a Return Tag column to the Rejected Returns report so you can easily identify rejected returns that need no further action.

Note:  The deactivated returns will remain visible in your client list.

Blog Posted 03/02/2017              4:45 PM EST

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