Pro Online: Product Update Notification – Deployment complete

Updated Info 7:25 AM EST:  The deployment is complete and the site is out of maintenance mode.

Updated information  7:15: We are putting the site in maintenance mode for 15 minutes to make the deployment to allow these state returns to be resent.

Updated information 6:23 AM:  We have not made the deploy yet due to an issue with the deployment tool.

We will be putting the site in maintenance mode on Friday, March 3rd at 6:00 AM for approximately 20 minutes to apply updates that include the following:

  • Correction to the Savings Bond Section of Form 8888
    • You can now purchase additional bonds without purchasing a Taxpayer Bond
  • Rejected Returns Report
    • Adding a Return Tag column to the report
  • Returns not Transmitted Report
    • No longer show two rows for returns with filing status of MFJ
  • Fixed the error on the Submission Page when sending State Returns only and the state return type is State Electronic Balance Due


Blog Posted 03/02/2017   4:43 PM EST

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