Pro Online: The “Quick File” Process in TaxSlayer

After entering the basic information from Form 13614-C, Quick File allows you to add only the source documents from Form 13614-C to the tax return. This allows you to skip the other menus within the software and go directly to the added source documents uploaded to Quick File, one-by-one.

To access Quick File, click on the drop down menu next to the taxpayer’s name as shown below:

Select “Quick File” and type in all source documents included in the tax return per Form 13614-C (in the order you want to enter the information).  Below is an example of using Quick File after entering the Basic return information

Click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen once all source documents are added.  This will allow you to enter only the documents provided by the taxpayer without moving through the other menus.

NOTE: After adding the Basic tax information, you may also go to “Summary/Print” and click on the line on Form 1040 to enter data without going through the menus for direct entry to Form 1040.

Blog Posted 03/02/2017    11:03 AM EST


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