New York Reject R0173 — Updated Information

Update 03/03/2017:  You can NOW resend any of your rejected NY returns that have the state return type of ‘Electronic State Balance Due

Update 02/28/2017:  The resolution for this is now in production.  You can resend your rejected NY returns as long as they do not have the state return type of “Electronic State Balance Due“.  You will need to hold these until we resolve the issue with the e-file error.

Note:  Since the Federal return has been accepted,  you will need to do the following:

(1) Select Send State Only

(2) The Federal Return Type must be something other than paper (see example below)

(3) Close the warning dialog that the federal return will not be sent

(4) Complete the rest of the E-file and submission page as normal

(5)  New:  You must use the Save and Transmit to the IRS button to send the State Only Return.

Update 02/27/2017:  We have a solution for this in testing.

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