State Changes now in Production

The following changes have been pushed to production:

  • Negative values are no longer allowed to be entered in Additions to Income and Subtractions from Income for the following States:
    • Colorado
    • Georgia
    • Kansas
    • Michigan
    • Nebraska
    • Wisconsin
  • Maryland returns that were rejected for MD Form5052-01450-011 can be transmitted again
  • Michigan Nonresident Income Allocation is now carrying to Column B
  • South Carolina returns with the following validation error can be transmitted again
    • The ‘’ element is invalid – The value ‘-6907’ is invalid according to its datatype ‘’ – Value ‘-6907’ was either too large or too small for NonNegativeInteger.
  • Vermont returns that were getting a validation error in the e-file section when a date of death is present for the TP or SP can now create the e-files and submit the returns
  • New Jersey – -Cancellation of Debt reported on the Federal return is no longer carrying to the NJ return
  • Ohio SD-100 School District Code — Added Riverside – Lake
  • Utah — Added the ability to enter TC-675R UT Mineral Production Payments

  • West Virginia — Added the WV-8379

Blog Posted 03/03/2017       10:04 AM

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