SRP and F8962 not Calculating in Returns (RESOLVED)

03/14/2017 — We are in the process of identifying the pool of potential returns that were impacted by this issue.  Once we make this determination we will work with the IRS Core team on a method of distribution.

3/10/2017 – 7:45am – The issues with SRP not being applied to applicable returns and the 8962 not generating in applicable return PDF’s have been resolved. If you were holding impacted returns, you may now e-file at this time. We recommend reviewing these returns prior to submission to ensure the return is accurate. We apologize for the inconvenience.

3/9/2017 – 3:00pm – We anticipate having both of the issue below resolved tomorrow morning. Please hold these returns until this post is marked as resolved.

Our development team is currently reviewing reported issues with the Health Insurance menu.

  • Shared Responsibility Payment not calculating: If a return should be subject to the Shared Responsibility Payment, it is not being applied to the return.
  • Form 8962 no calculating: If a return has completed the 1095-A within the Health Insurance menu, Form 8962 is not generating in the PDF.

We will provide more updates here as additional information becomes available.

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