Federal Return Code IND-202 – UPDATE

3/13/17 – 4:11pm – While we are still looking into this reject code and its root cause, we have received several reports of sites resubmitting these returns without making any adjustments and they were accepted by the IRS. While this is not a final answer, it seems to work across the board. At this time, we ask that you follow protocol at your sites to resubmit any returns with Federal Reject Code IND-202 and let us know if any are rejected for the same reason.

3/9/2017 – 11:05am – We are receiving reports of returns being rejected for Federal Reject Code IND-202 – ‘VendorControlNum’ in ‘FilinSecurityInformation’ in the Return Header must have a value.

Our development team is currently looking into this reject code. At this time there is no additional action on your end. We will provide updates to this blog as information becomes available.

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