IRS Reject FPY-089 — Updated Information

Updated information 4:25 PM:  We have identified and corrected the issue that generated this reject.  You can now follow your established processes and resend these returns.  We ask at a minimum, you do the following:

  • Open each return (even if you opened it earlier in the day)
  • Review the e-file page
  • The majority of these appear to be Direct Debit, so verify the Direct Debit withdrawal date is still a date in the future
  • Resend based on the procedures established by your site.


Scenario:  Your return was rejected for the following:

Document Id:  DOVC532710826IDIRSPayment

Rule Number:  FPY-089

“PaymentAmt’ in the IRS Payment Record must not be more than 200% of ‘OwedAmt’.  If a value is not provided for ‘OwedAmt’, treat that value as zero.

Recommendation:  Please hold these returns until we can issue further guidance.  We in the process of determining the cause of the reject and a recommended solution.

Blog Posted 03/16/2017    9;11 AM EST

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