Pro Online: Post Thursday ACA returns (subset of returns)

We have identified and corrected an issue that impacted a subset of ACA returns created/edited after 5 AM on Friday, March 10th.  It is important to note that this did NOT impact ALL returns in the following scenario.

Scenario:  The taxpayer had insurance purchased through the marketplace and had SRP or Excess APTC calculated in the return.  The return displayed and printed the calculated information, but was not included in the e-file.  This made the refund/balance due in the e-file different than the refund/balance due calculated by the software.

Next Steps:  Returns that were rejected as described in the blog post referencing FPY-089 can now be opened, reviewed based on your site procedures and resent.  This also impacts a group of returns that were IRS accepted with a different refund/balance due in the e-file than was calculated in the return.  We are working to identify the potential pool of these returns and distribute the information.

We will also continue to maintain updates on the blog post regarding the returns that were impacted on Thursday, March 9th due to SRP not calculating in the return and the 8962 not being in the return.

Blog Posted 03/15/2017                5:04 PM EST

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