TaxSlayer Pro Online Updates

Below are many updates pushed out either yesterday morning (3/16) or this morning (3/17). Most updates are related to state returns.

  • The “In Progress” status can be used as a filter now for sites that have a client list of over 999 returns.
  • Some sites were experiencing issues of filtering their Client List by certain Return Tags but returns included in the filtered list were not marked with the filtered tag. This has been resolved.
  • California – Within the Payments section of the CA Amended Return, we added an entry field to provide the CA EITC from Line 75 of F540.
  • Delaware – RRB entries made within the state return were not carrying to the PDF. This has been resolved.
    • Part-Year residency dates entered were not carrying to Form 200-01. This has been resolved.
  • Idaho – The option to claim the Grocery Credit has been added to Nonresident Idaho returns.
  • Iowa – Estimated payment vouchers were not showing in the PDF when added in the program. This has been resolved.
    • Users were receiving a validation error when selecting Adams County with School District Corning. This validation error has been corrected.
    • Military exclusion was not being subtracted correctly on the PDF. This has been resolved.
  • Louisiana – IT-540-ES watermarks have been removed from the PDF.
    • Direct Deposit information was not printing on Resident or Nonresident LA returns. This has been corrected.
  • Michigan – Now on the Common Form, you can add up to six (6) W-2’s. Previously you were only able to add two (2) W-2’s to the MI Common Form.
  • Minnesota – State withholdings reported on the Federal Section > Payments and Estimates > Other State Withholding’s were not carrying to the MN return. This has been corrected.
  • Missouri – The subtraction of RRB Tier 2 benefits was not being subtracted in the Private Pension calculation. This has been resolved.
  • Montana – Calculation fix pushed when claiming the pension exclusion for a Married Filing Joint and both spouses have retirement income.
    • W-2 income not previously carrying to Schedule IV. This is now resolved.
  • New Jersey – Verbiage update made in the “Income Subject to Tax” menu so users know where to exclude qualifying income exempt from NJ tax.
    • Allocated and Unreported Tips entered in the W-2 were not carrying to NJ-1040, line 14. This has been resolved
  • Oregon – For the Federal Pension Subtraction, an entry field was added to carry specifically to the Oregon column. This is in addition to the Federal column entry already listed in the state return menu.
  • Rhode Island – W-2 entry in box 14 for RI-TDI is now included in the MA Schedule OJC calculation for Taxes Paid to Other States or Jurisdictions.
  • Vermont – Voluntary Contribution entries were misaligned in the code so they were carrying to the wrong line in the PDF. This has been corrected
    • Form IN-152 in the PDF reflected 2015. Has been updated to 2016
    • Form IN-144 in the PDF reflected 2016 on the Estimated Payment Vouchers. This has been updated to reflect 2017.
    • Within the Form HI-144 entry menu, we added a field for the user to adjust the SS and Medicare tax we already carry in to Line O
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