Federal Reject IND-202

3/27 – 3:12pm EDT:

We are receiving reports of returns being rejected for Federal Reject Code IND-202 – ‘VendorControlNum’ in ‘FilinSecurityInformation’ in the Return Header must have a value. This is NOT widespread and only seems to be occurring on a small percentage of returns.

We recommend resubmitting these returns as we have seen in almost every scenario, the return was then accepted.  There are two ways to resend these returns:

(1) Select and resend them all at one time by going to:

  • Transmissions
  • Selecting Add Returns
  • Select the returns that were rejected for 202
  • Send to the IRS

Note:  You do not have to open the return prior to sending it again.

(2) You can open the returns and send them from inside the return, if you want to verify anything prior to sending them.

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