April 4th: Software Updates

The below updates/fixes were pushed live this morning for TaxSlayer Pro Online.

  • ACA – Step 2 of the SRP worksheet was including a qualifying child in the SRP calculation when that qualifying child was marked as “Not a Dependent” within Basic Information. This has been corrected.
  • Arkansas – A fix was pushed where “Subtractions” from AR taxable income was being included in the return calculation but the subtraction description was not carrying to AR4, Part 3.
  • Maine – When amending a Maine return, there was a calculation error on Line 29 when subtracting line 27 from line 24. This has been fixed.
  • Michigan
    • City of Detroit Return – When entering an “Additions to Income” entry, the description was not carrying to F5118. This has been fixed.
    • City of Detroit Return – Early retirement distributions reported on the Federal return were automatically subtracting on the City of Detroit resident return. Within the “Subtractions” menu in the Detroit return, an entry field for “IRA/Pension Annuity and Other Retirement….” was added for users to adjust automatic subtractions being carried to F5118. Allows both positive and negative dollar amount entries.
    • Main Michigan Return – Subtractions from Income > Deductions for Taxpayers Born before 1953 > Retirement Benefits that are Exempt from Michigan Income Tax > Retirement and Pension Benefits > Payer from 1099-R > Distribution Code did not allow letters to be entered. This has been corrected to allow letter entries.
  • Rhode Island – Amended State menu > Income and Deductions > Modifications to Federal AGI did not allow a negative amount to be entered. This has been corrected to allow negative dollar value entries.
  • Connecticut – Amended State menu > Total Tax. Entry for CT EIC added to carry to Line 22a of CT-1040X.
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