California Reject Code R0000-065 *4/11/2017 Update*

4/11/2017 – 5:45pm EDT

We apologize for the delay in updating this post. The fix took longer than expected. At this time, sites impacted with CA Reject Code R0000-065 can follow the protocols at their sites to resubmit these returns. Be sure to submit these CA returns as State-Only if their Federal return has previously been accepted.

4/7/2017 – 9:00am EDT

The fix is anticipated to be pushed live Monday morning, April 10th. Currently, CA returns with Form 3514 (CA EITC) and Form 8455 (Direct Debit authorization) are receiving CA Reject Code R0000-065. To avoid further CA rejections at your site, we ask that CA returns with CA EITC (Form 3514) and/or Direct Debit selected as the return type (Form 8455) be held until Monday morning. However, if a CA return does not have EITC but does have an amount owed to the state, you can select state return type “Electronic State Balance Due” to avoid CA Reject R0000-065. The taxpayer would be advised to mail in their CA amount owed to the state.

4/3/17 – 10:45am EDT

We have seen additional CA returns rejected that did not receive CA EITC. The fix is currently in testing. At this time, if you receive CA Reject R0000-065, please do not resubmit until we have posted that the issue has been resolved.

3/31/17 – 4:50pm EDT

It has been determined Form 3514, when applicable to a CA return (CA EITC), was not being included in the document count when transmitting. For this reason, CA was rejecting these returns. The fix is currently in testing and is set to pushed live early next week. We will update this post once the fix is live and CA returns with EITC can be resubmitted.

If your site has CA returns not receiving CA EITC requiring Form 3514, they can be transmitted at any time as they are not impacted.

3/31/17 – 8:09am EDT

We have received reports of some sites filing CA returns receiving CA Reject Code R0000-065.

“The total number of documents contained within the return [CA-ReturnData] must match the document count attribute [documentCnt] contained within the specific return [CA-ReturnData] element, as computed by FTB.”

We are currently looking into this reject code to determine where the issue lies. We recommend holding impacted CA returns at this time to avoid further rejections. We will provide an update as additional information is available.

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