PDF’s Not Rendering — RESOLVED

4/12/17 — 10:00 Pm EDT

All services are functioning as expected. The returns are now calculating and rendering PDFs as expected.  We apologize for the inconvenience this caused at your sites.

4/12/17 — 9:11 PM EDT

Our engineers are working with Microsoft support engineers to determine why our messaging services will not stay online. This is what makes the returns render the PDF and render the calculations.

4/12/17 — 8:10 PM EDT

We are still bringing the message queues back online. This is impacting your ability to print and to render the calculations on the Summary/Print page.

4/12/17 – 7:36 PM EDT

We have completed the reboot of the primary servers. We are now in the process of rebooting and bringing up the message queues which allow for printing.

4/12/17  – 6;30pm  EDT

We are rebooting one server at a time. You will experience being “kicked off” when we reboot the server you are attached to.  We are doing this rather than bringing down all servers at one time.

4/12/17 — 5:44 PM EDT

We are anticipating having to put the site in full maintenance mode to reboot the servers. I am in the process of gathering the information on how long this will take so you can make informed decisions.

4/12/17 – 4:43pm EDT

You may receive a different error over the next several minutes. The issue has been identified and is actively being worked on.

4/12/17 – 4:17pm EDT

We apologize for the continued inconvenience at your site. We are still looking into the issue.

4/12/17 – 3:43pm EDT

We do not have an update at this time. As additional information is made available, we will update this post.

4/12/17 – 3:00pm EDT

We are receiving reports of PDF’s not rendering. We are currently looking into at this time and will provide updates once available.

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