Pro Online: Closeout Procedures

For post filing season security, all users other than Admin, should be made inactive.  This will ensure no returns are being prepared off-season when the site is closed.

NOTE: As in the past, if you delete or deactivate returns on your site; you will not have carryforward data for those deleted or deactivated taxpayer returns next filing season.

TaxSlayer Online Closeout Procedures:

  1. Do not delete or inactivate any returns if carryforward tax return data is desired for the next filing season
  2. The TaxSlayer server will secure all data and make return carryforward data is year available for filing season 2018
  3. From the Preparer(s) Menu in Configuration, the site administrator or any user with a security template that has Add/Edit Preparers permissions has the ability to quickly activate or deactivate a preparer
  4. Select the volunteers you wish to deactivate while the site is close
  5. Ensure the ADMIN user is still active, prior to logging off

NOTE: Using “Flip Active Status” will deactivate all users including the ADMIN

 For additional guidance, follow the procedures outlined on the VITA/TCE Blog for making preparers Active/Inactive using TaxSlayer Pro Online.

IRS Computer Depot Laptops:

Follow the procedures in Publication 4473, IRS Computer Loan Program – Welcome Package, for additional guidance on “Deletion of Software on IRS Computers”.  Whether using the TaxSlayer Online or Desktop product on IRS loaned computers, it is imperative to use the “disk wipe” procedure outlined Publication 4473, prior to returning the laptop to the Computer Depot.  In addition the TaxSlayer software and taxpayer data on non-IRS loaned computers, provided by sites or personal, should be wiped of taxpayer data after the site closes.

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